Friday, February 1, 2008

"We will file with your insurance company."

Were sweeter words ever heard by an infertile? I couldn't believe it today when I called the office of the Reproductive Immunologist I want to see. The woman in the billing office said, "Yes, we do participate with your insurance. I'll file it for you and fight with them if they don't want to pay for a certain test or service." **Jaw drops and eyes open a little wider as I try to figure out if my hearing is okay.** Then I hear myself saying at an embarrassingly high pitch, "REALLY?"

I can't remember ever feeling this happy while talking to a person in the billing office on this long and expensive IF journey. At least for today, for this moment I feel like the universe is smiling on me, and I can relax just a little and believe everything may work out. If I can get my records copied and the new patient info. out to the clinic quickly, DH and I may even be able to make a little Valentine's Day getaway out of our trip to Chicago to see this doctor. Aaah. I'm not even going to imagine anything that can go wrong right now. Something went very right today, and I'm going to enjoy it. I hope each of you has something go right soon so you can relax and enjoy life just a little too!


Polly Gamwich said...

Yay - so happy for you! So nice when we get a little break, isn't it! ENJOY!

Lost in Space said...

Great news!! That sounds like a great office to go to. Yup, you have to enjoy the good things too!!