Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Ballpark Frank

That, my friends, is what the radiologist who did my last HSG told me my uterus looked like. I may not know much, but I do know it's not me who's supposed to have the weenie! I've been told by my OB/GYN after transvaginal u/s that I have a heart shaped uterus. He never mentioned it could be a problem so I just thought "Well, that's nice. Even though I've miscarried all my pgs even my uterus has so much love to give that it's shaped like a heart." Isn't that sweet? Turns out it's not.

The report came back from the HSG with the conclusion that I have a bicornuate uterus with a very wide something-or-other. Basically the two horns are very spread out from each other. The radiologist suggested a MRI to rule out a septate. When my RE got the report he asked me to get copies of the film for him for both this latest HSG and the one I had 5 years ago (which by the way said I had an unremarkable anteverted uterus). After viewing the films the RE said I may have a slightly bicornuate, or actually arcuate, uterus but he is certain I don't have a septate. He went to great lengths to show me this via dildocam, but honestly, it all kind of looks like blobs of black and gray to me. He went on to say that an MRI wasn't necessary b/c there is no way he would operate in my situation. Okay. No operation needed? Excellent!

Well, maybe not. I've since learned that an arcuate uterus maybe isn't really a diagnosis in the strictest since. I guess the accurate diagnosis would be bicornuate albeit a mild version. However some contend that there is no way to rule out a septate 100% without a combination lap/hysteroscopy. For my upcoming IVF I had a hysteroscopy and the doc (new RE in Colorado) said it looked great. However, I'm getting him a copy of the HSG CD and will have a follow-up to go over all my results on 2/6. In the meantime I've given a shout out to the ladies at the Yahoo Mullerian Anomalies board to see what their take is. I was given the advice to do this by the kind author of A Uterus Divided .

Anyway, I hope to hell I get some answers before I go totally crazy with worry. In the meantime I keep gaining weight instead of losing like I need to in order to improve my odds of success with the IVF. Damn the emotional eating, but that's a post for another time.


Polly Gamwich said...

"I may not know much, but I do know it's not me who's supposed to have the weenie!" Ha, ha, ha!! LOL.

I'm sorry about all this. I hope the CCRM doctor proves his worth and makes decisions that make you feel comfortable and well cared for!

admin said...

So one doc gave you the "weenie" description but the other said acurate or BU? So one is seeing a single long cavity, the other is seeing a divides cavity?

When you said "two horns, very spread out from one another" I was shocked that any doctor would see a single cavity ever.... UNLESS it was through HSG and the fluid was only making it into one horn - indicating a complete BU or full septum. Possibly with 2 cervix or a cervical septum.

Like I said before, I do not want to scare you. However, you could have a lap/hyst done, get the all clear and proceed with IVF the following cycle. It would just be a horrible shame to do IVF in a uterus that has poor odds. Especially if it can be easily fixed.

Doctors, no matter how great they seem, can not know everything. These anomalies effect a very small portion of the population, so they re very misunderstood. You will have to advocate for yourself, share what you know, and find another doctor if necessary!!!

Keep us posted on the boards. We're here for you!

Let It Be said...

admin - Thanks for your thoughts. It was the same doc that said the ballpark frank comment and wrote the report as bicornuate. I saw the pic on the screen in the radiology room, and it did look like one long, open cavity turned up at the ends (kinda like the oscar myer weenie truck). He did a measurement between the two ends/horns. I've only seen like one other pic that was the same and it was labeled bicornuate. It all makes my head spin frankly. I'll be speaking with the RE who did my hysteroscopy next week and will ask him about it again. I would think he would have been able to see a septum with the hysteroscopy?